Wednesday, January 13, 2016

My Least Favorite LTCs

Every once in a while, I make a card that does not come out how I envisioned it. Ok, maybe never does a card come out how I envisioned it, but usually I still like them. Sometimes, I just don't like the end result for some reason. I usually decide I don't like it after making all the cards and I don't have time to make new ones or I just can't come up with anything better. So here are my least favorite LTCs. Hopefully I'm not that only one who isn't always satisfied with their cards.

Chickens - I drew this one myself. Just don't like how it came together.

Corn Maze - This dang stamp. I could not carve the back corn clear and it annoyed me.

Cow Jumping Over the Moon - I cut out the border myself and just couldn't get it even.

The Ugly Duckling - I couldn't find a better white ink at the time, so it's too pale for my happiness.

Arkansas: Apple Blossom - This is my least favorite card of all time. I had to make 50 of them, which might be part of the problem. Plus I decided to watercolor the branch. I never wanted to see another apple blossom again.

Spring Flower - This very cute stamp is not mine. It was a swap where we designed cards for four different stamps that other people made. I could not come up with anything for this flower, so I just glitterfied it.

James Dean - Just came out too plain.

The Game of Life - My one attempt at this type of stamp on an LTC and I hate it.

Mean Ol' Schoolmarm - Just don't like it. Don't know why.

Strawberry Shortcake (As an old lady) - I drew this and I do like my drawing, but I don't like the coloring. I wish I had used markers instead.


  1. I still love Strawberry Shortcake. ~Jana

  2. I still love Strawberry Shortcake. ~Jana