Wednesday, January 13, 2016

My Least Favorite LTCs

Every once in a while, I make a card that does not come out how I envisioned it. Ok, maybe never does a card come out how I envisioned it, but usually I still like them. Sometimes, I just don't like the end result for some reason. I usually decide I don't like it after making all the cards and I don't have time to make new ones or I just can't come up with anything better. So here are my least favorite LTCs. Hopefully I'm not that only one who isn't always satisfied with their cards.

Chickens - I drew this one myself. Just don't like how it came together.

Corn Maze - This dang stamp. I could not carve the back corn clear and it annoyed me.

Cow Jumping Over the Moon - I cut out the border myself and just couldn't get it even.

The Ugly Duckling - I couldn't find a better white ink at the time, so it's too pale for my happiness.

Arkansas: Apple Blossom - This is my least favorite card of all time. I had to make 50 of them, which might be part of the problem. Plus I decided to watercolor the branch. I never wanted to see another apple blossom again.

Spring Flower - This very cute stamp is not mine. It was a swap where we designed cards for four different stamps that other people made. I could not come up with anything for this flower, so I just glitterfied it.

James Dean - Just came out too plain.

The Game of Life - My one attempt at this type of stamp on an LTC and I hate it.

Mean Ol' Schoolmarm - Just don't like it. Don't know why.

Strawberry Shortcake (As an old lady) - I drew this and I do like my drawing, but I don't like the coloring. I wish I had used markers instead.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Dante's Inferno

Sorry there are all hodge podge around. I'm still trying to figure out this blogger and it was not cooperating.


Lust & Fraud

Anger & The Center






Tarot Cards

The five tarot cards I've done for multiple tarot trackers. Someday I'll have a complete set.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Random Cards

Here's some random cards.

Lady Amalthea (it was double sided)

Moist & Melaka Fray

Vanyel & Tylendel (this is my only layered stamps)

Atlanta Zombie & God (I was laughing with every card I made. I'm easily amused.)

Everything you Ever & Captain Hammer

Man on the Moon Inchie & Reality


A Party for Thorin

I'll Be Right Back

The Hound


Da Vinci's Chewbacca & Jimmy Weeks- Cat Costume

Spock & Kirk 


Kirk Plays Horsie Quisp

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Pin Ups

Here are my pin up cards.

I think it's all of them anyway. :)
Beauty and the Beast & Come to Bed       

Sexy Nerd & a bonus bookmark I sent to the participants in this tracker

Lisetta Marie Wilde & Lola Monroe